2019 House of Delegates photo
Motions passed during APTA’s annual policy-setting conference, the 2019 APTA House of Delegates, definitely had a theme that is consistent with the APTA Vision of Transforming society by Optimizing Movement to Improve the Human Experience. House delegates made a clear statement that APTA “supports efforts to increase diversity, equity and inclusion to better serve the association, profession and society. “
The House unanimously approved the definition of the movement system as “integration of body systems that generate and maintain movement at all levels of bodily function, a complex behavior within a specific context…. Influenced by social, environmental and personal factors.” This is a definition the House and the APTA Board of Directors has worked on for years and it strengthens the APTA’s efforts to promote a critical component of our identity.
In addition, delegates took a stand on gun violence, vaccination schedules, and improving health literacy. In all we voted on 70 motions, which you can read more about here.
Besides myself, James Ralph (delegate), Jon Gardunia (delegate and IPTA vice president) and Chandra Price (PTA Caucus Representative) represented Idaho during the House, which took place in Chicago from June 10-12.
I continue to be impressed and empowered by the commitment of the Delegates and APTA in directing the association to better serve society and the profession of physical therapy.
Davee Mussmann, PT, DPT
IPTA Chief Delegate
PICTURED ABOVE (from left): Jon Gardunia, IPTA Vice President; Chandra Price, IPTA PTA Caucus Representative; James Ralphs, IPTA Delegate; Davee Mussman, IPTA Chief Delegate; Derek Gerber, IPTA President and Alan Crothers, Special Committee member of the House of Delegates