Like in most states, front-line healthcare personnel in Idaho who are treating or directly exposed to patients with COVID-19 were prioritized to receive the COVID-19 vaccine first as part of group 1a. Some states began adding all healthcare personnel to this priority group in the last week or so and we are hopeful that Idaho will soon do the same or in some way designate them as next in line to receive the vaccine.

Idaho’s COVID-19 Vaccine Advisory Committee (CVAC) will meet on Friday, January 8, 2021 and is expected to finalize who in Idaho is eligible to receive the vaccine next, after the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices made recommendations for who should be included in groups 1b and 1c a couple of weeks ago.

APTA Idaho has asked the CVAC to specify that physical therapy providers and personnel are part of group 1.4 as outlined in this priority chart of healthcare workers and essential personnel and that they should receive the vaccine next.

We plan to send an email to members next Friday with the outcome of the January 8 meeting, which we hope will include good news.

So stay tuned.